Fashion Week A/W 2014 menswear collections / Invitations


Some new lovely Fashion Week Invitations A/W 14 menswear.
Like every saison lovely refined card boards & miniposters.

But this saison I mostly like the wooden invitation by Yohji Yamamoto.
“Like a Japanese netsuke, Yohji Yamamoto’s balsa wood block of an invitation came threaded on a raw jute rope. With details screen-printed in simple, denim blue, the invitation’s austerity was deceptive, though its organic quality was, in hindsight, perfectly in tune with the collection’s floral motifs
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Also the Paul Smith fabric pattern &
Maison Martin Margiela grey matted wool invitation.

A boy named Sue


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A Boy Named Sue” - Originally a poem by Shel Silverstein, made famous by Johnny Cash, is now a platform created and initiated by Sam and Tania, a lifestyle blogger / food & set stylist and a former financial specialist.

The idea of bringing designers and their vision together and combine aesthetics with ethics started at lunch in a cafe in Hong Kong.

The outcome is a beautiful sleek selection of clothes and a webpage to get inspired by.



True Colours – Lex Pott

Year 2010
Material Copper/Aluminium/Brass/Steel
Dimension 60 x 42 cm

When an element like copper is found in nature it has a green colour. Iron has an orange / brown  colour when being found inside the earth. Oxidized metal surfaces create colours that provide information about a material. The pallete is a reaction with the base material.
Therefore the coloured surfaces have an organic growth of colour and not every colour is possible on every surface. Colouring metals requires accurate recipes. This project shows the results of a research on metals and their true colours; a direct relationship between colour, material and information.

Givenchy Flagship Store in Seoul

One more thing for you to have on the sightseeing route around Seoul – the new Givenchy flagship store is opening very soon.

We already had a sneak peek and simply fell in love not only with the impressive facade, but also with the whole atmosphere inside and the materials used for the interior.

Can’t wait until these beautiful shelves get filled up with awesome creations of Riccardo Tisci & team.

Note this address – it is surely worth it!
78-11 Chenongdam Dong, Gangnam GU, 135-100 Seoul


Physical Movement Translated into Drawings

American artist Heather Hansen draws symmetrical patterns with her body and emerges from her art covered with black. She takes her choregraphy as a means of expression with synchronized or deferred movements, softly, which recall the Rorschach test. In the next part of the article, the video shows the carnal connexion between the artist and her work.



Studio Carola Zee

archetype2-400 blossom-w-400 boy2 grey-flowercup2 lantern4-400 set-grgreen thixo-grgreen


“Due to mass production people get an overload on products and gadgets, that follow the newest hypes, every season. Most consumer articles are cheap and easily replaceable. Which leads to more consumption and waste of materials. My personal goal is to create products that are beautiful, unique and can withstand time by giving them personal and exclusive qualities.”

Netherlands based Carola Zee creates delicate and harmonious ceramic works with a traditional link to Chinese craftsmanship and typical Chinese items. Since 2007 she is working together with craftsmen in Jingdezhen (in northeastern Jiangxi province), China. Her main focus is laying on the manual production in spite of fast and big changes in economics and industry.

Carola Zee mainly worked as graphic designer, before she moved towards ceramics. This former passion to graphic design is still perceivable in her patterns, ornamentations, her feeling for forms and colours.